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Have You Played... Paunch?


Paunch is tagged “Psychological Horror” and “Sexual Content” on Steam, and while this is wrong, it also couldn’t be more accurate. Two players take control of huge sumo wrestlers called Bob and fight to the death by flinging large rocks at each other. One can also opt to charge down the opposing player and lay them out with a solid hook to the chin. It is immediately arousing, yet disquieting.

Much like we have offices to work in, Paunch provides an arena to settle things in, like arguments and such. This is a game that really takes fighting seriously and it whisks you to the mountainous, frigid highlands to have it out. Just as Bob’s rippling muscles and fleshy tone contrasts quite beautifully with the greenery, so does the sound of a boulder whistling through the air and clattering into a skull.

I urge you to install Paunch as it’s important. It’s, errr, important to release that primal energy sometimes, you know?

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