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Have You Played… Please Knock On My Door?

I will answer

Please Knock On My Door [official site] has a warning on it because of its themes. It’s a little story game that came out a couple of years ago, initially made as a way for the dev Michael Levall to explore his own experiences with depression.

In Please Knock On My Door you have to make a person get on with life -- eat, sleep, shower, go to work, keep their flat clean. But it becomes increasingly difficult, and you have to weigh up the time cost vs. the effect on the person’s mental health. Is it better to have a hot shower when you’ll be late for work if you do? Should you play computer games or do the washing up? A proper meal or a sandwich?

There are several ways the story can end, with some being better than others, although none of them end in complete tragedy. It's slow and quiet and contemplative and might be a bit too familiar. But I liked Please Knock On My Door a lot. And I never realised who I was actually playing as all along.

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