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Have You Played... Prototype 2?

Just my Hulk

The only reason I know the name of Prototype 2’s protagonist (Sgt. James… hang on, let me be sure… yeah, Sgt. James Heller) is because I just Googled it. I think the story involved the playable goodie from the first game turning bad and infecting people with some type of supervillian zombie disease. Also your wife… and daughter (?) are dead.

There’s no point in fact-checking any of this because the one thing I’m certain of is that the story is shite and not the reason anyone should ever play Prototype 2. Luckily the game more than makes up for its lack of narrative weight with its ridiculous over-the-top video game violence, though. It is incredibly stupid. And thoroughly enjoyable because of that.

Heller is a superhero man who has big, strong arms that can transform into humongous blades, stretchy tendrils and Wolverine claws. You use these powers to murder the shit out of absolutely everyone.

Essentially, you’re a modified Incredible Hulk, travelling through the city by running up buildings and gliding long distances, before smashing down onto the ground and demolishing everyone and everything within close proximity. Enemies are imbecilic cannon fodder, which isn’t necessarily a tick in the positives column for most games, but it is here. Their role is to make you feel like the best video game killingman there’s ever been, and they do that perfectly.

Sure, it’s not a great game – it’s probably not even near the top of the best superhero games list – but you can still have a lovely, video game-y destructive time.

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Prototype 2

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