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Have You Played... The Red Strings Club?

Think 'n' drink

In The Red Strings Club, a corporation believes it holds the keys to happiness, and it's preparing to slip them down the throats of everyone in the world. It's a chemical end: to discrimination, to suffering, and to freedom.

So what. A little brainwashing never hurt anyone.

You spend most of the game as a bartender, pouring drinks for your customers while probing them for information. It's clever stuff. It gets you thinking about what makes each character tick, and how best they can be manipulated. You do this by drugging them, which is alright when the good guys do it.

Cyberpunk is rarely this thoughtful, nowadays. What's more important, liberty or happiness? Do we need suffering in order to value its absence? And what exactly is happiness, anyway? The Red String's Club doesn't have all the answers, but it overflows with interesting questions.

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