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Have You Played... Urban Terror?

Counter-Strike in the Quake 3 engine.

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Urban Terror was a Quake 3 mod that aimed to marry realistic weaponry and maps with the physics and speed of Quake 3, which made for both a strange anachronistic experience and also something that, in retrospect, resembles modern Call of Duty.

I've written before about how my love of one game could make me play and enjoy obviously pale imitations. That's why I ended up playing Urban Terror, too: I enjoyed Counter-Strike so much that I could not resist trying similar mods for other games. Urban Terror at least dodged the worst of those me-too-isms by keeping the quicky, bouncy movement speed of its parent game, but it was still undoubtedly walking in Counter-Strike's shadow.

As with Body Blows, that's totally fine. I liked Urban Terror mainly because it reminded me of another game I liked, but it also had admirably beefy weapons and it was a game in which you could bunnyhop and use sniper rifles at the same time.

If this sounds like something you're interested in trying, hit the link above. There's still a small community playing and maintaining the mod.

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