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Have You Watched... Old Friend?

Go on, have a wiggle

Old Friend is, in a word, wonderful. It's a VR music video that I can guarantee will turn you into a happier person. At least for five minutes.

With the possible exception of puppies, nothing in this universe is as playful as Old Friend. It's a kaleidoscopic marvel, a portal into a world where life's only purpose is to dance. I have watched it five times.

The first time, I just stood there. Maybe my arms waggled a little, but I was so enraptured by my entourage's cavorting that I didn't think to join in. A dozen naked figures surrounded me, each of them marching to the beat of their po-faced leader's drum. The seriousness that singer brings to proceedings is profound, his intensity alarmingly appropriate. It's the best juxtaposition in video games. In Art, even.

On my second go, I realised I could give him a tickle.

I'm in two minds about whether to actually show it to you, because if you don't watch in VR the first time round then you'll be robbing yourself of joy. Be warned: it might turn something magical into mere amusement. The flat-o-version still put a grin on my face, though, so if you really don't think you're going to have access to cyber goggles in the next 5 years... knock yourself out.

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Old Friend

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