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Head to a tropical paradise in Final Fantasy 14's 6.2 Buried Memory update today

It’s like Stardew Valley, only in Final Fantasy

Fancy a holiday? Well, uber MMO Final Fantasy 14’s free 6.2 Buried Memory update arrives today, providing the opportunity to jet off to your very own tropical island sanctuary. It’s all very Stardew Valley from the look of things, so why not view the brochure by watching the launch trailer below?

Final Fantasy 14's Buried Memory update heads down to the farm.

The 6.2 patch is a major update for Final Fantasy 14, and the addition of your very own island getaway spot is a nice bit of solo stuff to dig into. I say dig into because you can set up a farm there, without having crafting or gathering experience in the game. There’s room to pootle about hoovering up materials to erect yourself a house and farm buildings, and round up animals to husband.

Buried Memory features some more main story and side quests, too, though. Alongside those, there’s a dungeon, the Fell Court of Troia, a fresh trial, and an 8-player raid into a new section of Endwalker's Pandaemonium called Abyssos. The raid runs in normal and savage difficulties, but the latter won’t be available until a week from now. Square Enix have also shared some details about the patch 6.25 update arriving at some point in the near future, including new Tribal Quests, Variant Dungeons and Criterion Dungeons. You can delve into the full patch notes here.

Danielle Lucas thought that the MMO’s most recent paid expansion was a must-play in her Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker review. “All of your favourite cast members get their chance to shine without just being shoehorned in for fan points,” she said. “There are certain story beats that had me physically pointing and gasping because of just how far back some of the foreshadowing for Endwalker goes - it’s all so beautifully brought together.”

Final Fantasy 14’s 6.2 patch is out today, and we'll be rustling up some further impressions over the coming week.

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