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Headbang to a Rockin' Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Trailer

A lovely holiday spot

Blood and Wine, the upcoming final expansion to The Witcher 3 [official site], is due out May 31 and to get your blood pumping CD Projekt Red released this trailer showing off lots of story and dialogue. And because there's nothing more metal than having a vampire bite your neck, CDPR went ahead and set the whole thing to a bumping alternative rock song because apparently they can just do what they want now and tone be damned.

The setting of Toussaint looks absolutely brilliant—and I'm not just talking about the colours. There's a wonderful kind of contrast between its lavish exterior and the obvious rot that's spreading underneath, and the bits of dialogue revealed in the trailer seem to be setting up a pretty climactic final act.

CD Projekt Red have said that you can expect to get around 30 hours out of Blood and Wine, with the region of Toussaint being roughly the size of Velen or Skellige from the main game. If you haven't yet played The Witcher 3, that's about a third of the total size — so yeah, it's big.

There's also going to be some new things to play around with, including a way to dye your armour, expansion of how mutagens work allowing for deeper character customization, and you can even own a vineyard if you want to give up your witching ways to get drunk while stomping on grapes barefoot for the rest of your life.

Renaissance man Richard Cobbett really enjoyed The Witcher 3's first expansion pack, Hearts of Stone, so hopefully Blood and Wine isn't a slouch either. Blood and Wine will cost £15.99/$19.99 or you can pick it up with Hearts of Stone for £19.99/$24.99.

After this, CD Projekt can't say if they'll even make another Witcher game.

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