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Hearthstone deck guide: Superdiogo's Druid of the Flame Druid

Our guide to playing this month's essential Druid deck.

As the meta wobbles back and forth with the release of the new Blackrock Mountain cards, the good old Druid Hero continues to be a viable choice in just about every stage of the ladder-climbing process. The latest deck to rise to prominence is a hybrid creation that features one of the most interesting new cards from the expansion, Druid of the Flame. Here's our guide to getting to grips with the deck.

Superdiogo's Druid of the Flame Druid strategy guide

This new Druid deck is a bit of a pick-and-mix of previously popular archetypes, but there are very few compromises to be concerned about. You have your cards like Innervate and Wild Growth which allow you to reach up into big minions, but there's also Emperor Thaurissan who aids that process even further. You also have access to the classic Force of Nature / Savage Roar play which can be used to end an opponent on 14 health or less.

At its heart, this is a control deck where you have the tools you need to deal with problems at every stage of the match. As a general rule, the longer your game lasts, the likelier you are to win it. Keep the opponent's board clear through to the mid-game, then get ready to finish the job with overwhelming damage.

Superdiogo's Druid of the Flame Druid Mulligan guide

Cards like Innervate and Wild Growth are always keepers as they allow you to reach up into more powerful minions, much earlier on in the match. You might want to keep hold of Wrath if you're playing in a meta dominated by Zoo decks and aggro Hunters too.

Druid of the Flame cards are great to keep too, as they often make multiple trades before dying. Note that you'll want to make them 2/5 minions most of the time, unless you're playing against decks like Freeze Mage which need to be shut down and dealt with fast.

Superdiogo's Druid of the Flame Druid card combinations

As with all decks, there are certain card synergies that you need to keep in mind as you play out your hand. Here are the most important ones to factor into your thinking as you work through each match.

- The classic combination is Force of Nature combined with Savage Roar for a devastating finish, but just keep in mind that you only have one Force of Nature to play with in this deck.

- Swipe can be given a little extra reach if you have Azure Drake on the board. It's a solid Turn 8 play, but be prepared to lose the Dragon if you put it out the turn before attempting your big sweep.

- More often than not you'll be looking for the extra Taunt protection afforded by the card, but don't forget that Cenarius can also be used to boost the stats of your other minions when put into play. Always check to see if this approach would give you lethal damage before committing.

- Try to get Ragnaros behind a Taunt whenever possible, as the added protection will give your opponent a very irritating problem to deal with.

- It can be very effective to combine your Savage Roar with a Deathrattle minion like Piloted Shredder. Not only does this allow the Shredder to take out a bigger minion that it could otherwise handle, you'll also be left with a replacement minion should it be destroyed in the process.

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