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Hearthstone: Gone Fishin' tips and deck building advice

How to get ahead in this week's new Tavern Brawl.

A new Tavern Brawl is now live in Hearthstone, and this week sees the arrival of a brand new challenge called Gone Fishin'.

In this new version of the weekly event, you'll need to first of all build a deck that's made up of 20 minions. The game will then provide you with 10 randomly selected class spells, as well as a new item called Tad's Pole.

When you hit the End Turn button, Tad's Pole will yank a random minion from your opponent's deck and put it on your side of the battlefield.

There are some other interesting tweaks to the usual gameplay too. Instead of starting each game with 30 points of health, this is reduced to 20 points while playing the mode.

Tips we've seen from the commsunity so far:

  • Look to pack minions with Battlecry into your deck. That way you'll gain the benefit of the Battlecry when you actively play it, but your opponent won't when Tad's Pole pops it on their side of the board.
  • Druids can exploit the Choose One mechanic in a similar fashion. Again, they'll get the bonus effect of an otherwise underpowered vanilla minion, but the opponent will not.
  • Another tip is to build a Mage deck with Frost Lich Jaina and lots of Battlecry minions that have just one Health. That way you can either go face with the spells you receive, or keep generating Water Elementals if you can make it to the Jaina turn.

Got any tips for success of your own? Let us know in the comments and we'll add them to this article with credit. As usual you'll receive a Classic card back for beating this Brawl the first time.

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