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Hearthstone journeying to Un'Goro on Thursday

Quests await!

Blizzard have announced that the next Hearthstone [official site] is due on Thursday, April 6th. Journey to Un'Goro will venture into the primeval Un'Goro Crater to play with dinosaurs, battle monstrous plantlife, and embark on Quests with a new card type. Here, have a peek at what awaits in the free-to-play card game:

Journey to Un'Goro will bring 135 new cards. Some of the more interesting cards are Quests, which will always appear in your starting hand and offer rewards if you can meet certain conditions. For example, if you can summon ten Murlocks for the 'Unite the Murlocs' quests, you'll get the mighty Megafin - who will then fill your hand with more Murlocs. Each class has their own unique Quest, while others are for all.

Another new card ability is Adapt, which offers cards a choice of defensive and offensive buffs when triggered.

The expansion also focuses on Elementals, adding 25 of the devils who (mostly) get a bonus if you played another Elemental on your previous turn.

Head on over here for Blizzard's gallery of all the cards. Or perhaps you'd prefer how Hearthpwn organises 'em.

If you want to see Un'goro in action, here, check out these two Blizzard chaps playing on Friday:

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