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Hearthstone launches singleplayer Monster Hunts


The recent craze for hunting beasties may peak with Monster Hunter: World, but I do worry that once hunters have scoured the land of wurms, wights, barghests, boggarts, and boobries, they'll turn on our beloved Horace, the Endless Bear. Should we be encouraging this? Hmm. The latest game to join in the hunt is Hearthstone, which last night launched its new Monster Hunt mode. It brings singleplayer missions sending four different hunters against a run of bosses, powering up their deck as they go. And yup, these are free to play.

Monster Hunter mode sends players to murder big nasties in the spooky Witchwood. It's a bit like Dungeon Run from the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion, featuring a series of boss battles, having players build up their deck across the run, and making you start all over again if you lose. Four characters are playable--a warrior, hunter, mage, and rogue--each with their own unique hero power. Each hunter has a particular nemesis monster only they'll face too.

Once you've completed hunts with all four characters, you'll get to go after the dastardly Hagatha herself. Beat her and you get the Monster Hunter card back for keepsies. But really it's about the journey not the destination, yeah?

Hearthstone's definition of 'monster' seems a little hazy. Sure, you'll scrap with a vast vulture and a killer crocodile, but one 'monster' is simply a lord with a shotgun. Not that I disagree with that classification, mind.

Monster Hunter will run until July 26.

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