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Together For Victory: Hearts Of Iron IV's First Expansion

Some day

As the remains of the British Empire crumble into the sea, here comes the first Hearts of Iron IV [official site] expansion to, er, in Paradox's words, "[shine] a bright light on the British dominions and colonies that rallied around the flag in England's darkest hour." Hash tag topical. Hash tag good luck with that now pal. Mash tag two veggie sausages and beans, thanks. Paradox don't say when Together for Victory will come out or how much it'll cost but hey, they have whipped together a wee trailer to set the mood:

Yeah yeah, go on, yak it up you dastardly Swedes.

The heart of Together for Victory will be new National Focus trees for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the British Raj in India. They'll get new portraits, new leaders, and new companies too. Paradox say the expansion will also have this grab bag of features:

  • New Autonomy system has different levels of dependency and status for subject nations – puppets, Dominions and fully independent states
  • Continuous National Focus ideas will add new bonuses and improvements to your country as you take it through the crucible of war
  • Nations can request a Lend-Lease agreement from their allies and friends if they are in dire need of equipment and vehicles
  • And much more, including updates and changes to the combat system

What may be more important than the expansion is the patch that will surely arrive alongside it. Paradox tend to reshape games for long after launch with free patches launching alongside paid DLC, and the patches are often even better. Stellaris certainly picked up a lot with the patch accompanying its Leviathans expansion. I wonder how many patches it'll take to get Hearts of Iron IV into shape.

'Dominion', by the way, was a technical term for certain fractions of the British Empire. I point this out mostly for a perfect segue into...

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