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Heli Brawl Looks Like More Local Multiplayer Funtimes

Helicopters wot are angry

Before Messhof made Nidhogg and then spent a long time not making Nidhogg, he created a set of great singleplayer and local multiplayer games with tight controls, silly conceits and visuals like visual migraines. I miss those days, so the reminiscent style of Heli Brawl by 2BAM is a welcome addition to my life. It's a local multiplayer game for 2-4 players in which helicopters brawl, skydivers battle, and character who look a lot like Walter from the Big Lebowski struggle in melee combat. Trailer below.

Messhof isn't involved in making it or anything, by the way. It just reminds me of his stuff.

The melee combat looks particularly fine. I've got a little group now of people who are excited and able to play local multiplayer games, and in between bouts of Towerfall, Gang Beasts and Mount Your Friends, I think we'd appreciate grappling one another like an '80s action star and trying to steer each other's guns back towards our opponent. I will call myself Kurt Russell, and if I win, all others must do likewise.

Also the Heli Brawl website is designed to look like it was built in Microsoft Publisher - not even Frontpage - in around 1996. So yeah. The game is due out later this year "probably".

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