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Hell Is Us' latest update shows neat concept art of post-apocalyptic fields

Amid tiny scraps of info

At today's Nacon Connect, we got a little more info on upcoming action adventure game Hell Is Us from its creative director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête. In-between agonising jargon like "narrative layers" and "high-level directives", there's some neat concept art and info on what we can expect from the story, combat, and exploration.

The theme of the game is "human emotions and passions" and specifically "how they relate to human conflicts". It's set during a civil war, where a metaphysical calamity has taken place. There's a big emphasis on "family" too, as Jacques-Belletête mentions how they're the ones who suffer the most during conflict. I just hope they portray all of this in a way that doesn't turn it into a weird sci-fi comedy.

Just over a week ago, I spoke to Jonathan Jacques-Belletête about the game and how it wants to make exploration even more old school than Elden Ring. He mentioned how he's going to rid the world of map markers, make exploration more "realistic", and touches on other things like third-person action combat too. So yeah, it covers a lot of what's mentioned in this dev update.

But the highlight for me are the new bits of concept art, as that's the closest we've come to visualising the game's world. Weirdly excited by the one three minutes into the trailer above, which shows a dilapidated house on the outskirts of some woods. It feels deeply British somehow. Also into the one which shows a large brown field at 1:41. I couldn't have made that sound less appetising, I know.

Hell Is Us is due out sometime in 2023 and you can keep up with it over on Steam.

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