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Helldivers: Magicka Devs' Co-op Shooter Coming To PC

Twin-stick catastrophe

With Magicka, Arrowhead Game Studios showed when four well-meaning but inept wizards try to save the world: co-op antics with a whole load of fun and friendly fire. Surely four sci-fi futuresoldiers would fare better? Ha ha.

Good news, fans of friendly fire: Arrowhead are bringing their Helldivers [official site] over to PC next month. Released on assorted PlayThings in March, it's a twin-stick shooter with hordes of aliens, mechs, and a great many 'incidents' that would require difficult questions and mounds of paperwork. Look at this:

Not bad, that. For those who can't or won't watch right now, that's four-player co-op twin-stick shooting with big aliens, big mechs, and big accidents. It looks like an interesting balance of challenging shootyfun and accidentally landing your orbital drop pod on a pal. Our chums at Eurogamer dug its PlayStation incarnation, and those nice people tend to be sensible - do read for more on antics, persistent progression, and whatnot.

Helldivers is coming to Windows via Steam in December. Arrowhead initially only announced it for an assortment of PlayStations, way back in 2013, so this is pleasing. But no, it will not support cross-platform play with PlayThings. Oh, and while Arrowhead created Magicka, they only made the first game - the second was by Pieces Interactive.

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