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Hellpoint is an action RPG where Dead Space meets Dark Souls, out now

Nice 'n' gribbly

Alright, Dark Souls fans. You know the drill. Hellpoint is an optionally-cooperative "intense action RPG". It's all gloom and shortcuts, and it's out right now. For some reason developers Cradle Games aren't billing it as a Souls 'em up but I'm onto them.

Regardless, it could be neat. You're poking around a sci-fi citadel gone bad, now "overrun by cruel interdimensional entities acting as puppets of the malevolent Cosmic Gods". I wouldn't call it a looker but I still like what I see.

I've a weakness for universes that mash up magic and tech in interesting ways. In Hellpoint you're an "organically printed" warrior tasked with unraveling an extra-dimensional apocalypse involving cultists, which counts. It's a bit like if Dead Space went ham on wizards.

That citadel is the main draw, with this line about "a massive interconnected world" sparking my Souls comparison. Many games have tried to do clever intricate shortcuts, but none have matched origi-Dark Souls - at least according to Brendy (RPS in peace). Perhaps this can step up to the plate/knock down the ladder/pull the gate lever.

When it comes to biffing, the combat does look speedier than Souls. The devs say that every weapon has "unique special abilities that unlock as you use them", and boast about dynamic events "such as boss appearances" and "horde assaults". Could be cool, could be infuriating. Could be both.

I do like some of the monster design, outside the genero-zombies. I also have a weakness for gribbly purple beasties.

You can grab Hellpoint from Steam for £28/$35/€30

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