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Henry Cavill must be writing Mass Effect fanfic

We've all been there

He's Superman, Geralt Of Rivia, and now it looks like Henry Cavill might be a Mass Effect fanfiction writer to boot. Yesterday, he posted a picture on his Instagram of some unassuming blurry text, with a caption teasing a "secret project". As it turns out, that text is actually from a Mass Effect 3 Wikipedia entry. So, is he studying for a secret live-action Mass Effect role? Could he be lined up to voice a character in the new Mass Effect game? Nah, he's definitely writing fanfic.

We've all been there. Mass Effect 3's ending was a little, well, you know. We all cope in our own ways, and writing a bit of fanfic to change what happened in your head is a totally valid plan.

There he is, getting his hair and makeup done while showing off his blurry bit of reading. Some detectives over at Gamepressure ran Cavill's pic through Focus Magic - software that handily removes blur from images - and managed to make out words like "Cerberus", "Reaper", "Geth" and "Tali'Zorah". A little more sleuthing and Gamepressure figured out it was a paragraph from the Mass Effect 3 Wikipedia page about the game's plot.

I know it shouldn't be the first thing to notice here, but who on Earth prints out Wikipedia pages? Does he not have an iPad or some other device he can read Wikipedia on? I get it, he's in a hair and makeup chair getting ready for the day, so maybe he doesn't wanna get hairspray or various beauty products on any tech. But look, my sister is a makeup artist so I've been in that seat tons many times myself, and not once have I said to her, "Hang on Mia, I just wanna print out a nice Wikipedia entry to read while you're prodding me with brushes."

My hope is that Mass Effect isn't getting a live-action film or TV series, the Amazon Prime show The Expanse fills that niche for me just fine. It could be cool to hear Cavill voice a character in the new Mass Effect game BioWare are working on, but then why would he be reading up on the old trilogy unless that game directly relates to them? The plot thickens.

Perhaps he's just reminding himself of ME3's story before the trilogy remasters come out in May. Gotta remember what choices to make to keep Tali alive all the way, right?

… Or he's writing fanfic. You've got a test reader right here if you need one, Henners.

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