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Wacky British adventure Her Majesty's SPIFFING is out

Pip pip and tally ho!

If you're reading RPS right now, there's a fair chance you like affected expressions of Britishness and puns. Well, let's say tolerate. As such, you might like Her Majesty's SPIFFING [official site]. Well, let's say tolerate. Released this week, it's an adventure game about wacky British stereotypes venturing into the stars so the Queen can establish a new empire in the wake of This Mess We're In. Expect tea, middle-class men with big moustaches, hostile encounters with the French, iffy attitudes to class and empire, and other such mock Britishness.

After living in England for most my life (I am now, of course, another of those London tossers who flood Edinburgh), oh god I can't. Even the trailer is exhausting. Every gag I see in videos and screenshots is no, no that's too much mock Englishness. Even jokes about those things are exhausting for me now. But, y'know, perhaps you might enjoy that. You do, after all, tolerate my tired English affectations.

Her Majesty's SPIFFING is £13.49/17,09€/$17.09 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Developers Billy Goat Entertainment are based in Belfast, the scamps.

Billy Goat steered SPIFFING into the waters of Kickstarter twice, managing to successfully avoid (hit) the iceberg (their crowdfunding goal) on the second attempt in 2014. Bless 'em, back then they didn't even know the Brexit referendum was coming. Now it seems they've tweaked the plot to build upon that.

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Her Majesty's SPIFFING

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