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He Said She'll Say: Her Story 2 Teased

New story!

Most of Team RPS spent the end of June hunched over screens, looking confused and tapping away at their keyboards hoping that eventually something would make sense.

Wait for it.

And in the game.

Thank you, thank you.

FMV crime mystery Her Story [official site], which has players watching old police interview footage and trying to figure out what happened, ended up one of our favourite games of 2015. Good stuff! And good news: creator Sam Barlow has teased the follow-up he's working on.

Barlow dropped a blurred-out one-page synopsis on Twitter:

You could burn your eyes out trying to see through the blur to the text underneath and uncover the plot's secrets, but maybe that's missing the forest for the trees: it's clearly about looking at documents someone dropped in a puddle. No? No.

Answering questions on the tweeternet, he explained that it's "no relation story-wise to Her Story" and joked "it'd be rude not to" use live acting.

That's it. That's all I have to tell you. Speculate away!

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