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Here are some Tokyo Game Show schedule highlights for this week

Streams from Squeenix, Capcom, Sega and more

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 has begun, and from today it'll have a bunch of announceathons from the likes of Square Enix, Capcom, Ubisoft and more stretching over the weekend. Like most other games events this year, TGS is a digital affair, streaming good game stuff to your screens via YouTube and Twitch. There's a heck of a lot on too, so I've had a look through the official programs and gathered some highlights right here.

Thursday, September 30th

2pm BST (10pm JT) - Capcom Monster Hunter Spotlight

Capcom talk about Monster Hunter Rise, as well as the the newly announced Sunbreak expansion. They'll also have updates on Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Head to YouTube or Twitch to watch.

Friday, October 1st

10 am BST (6pm JT) - 505 Games

505 will have details on Grow: Song Of The Evertree, Re:Legend, Eiyuden Chronicle, and more. Watch via YouTube or Twitch.

11am BST (7pm JT) - Square Enix Presents TGS2021

While Squeenix will have specific livestreams later in the show for games like Yoko Taro's new card-based RPG and Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, they say this slot "will focus on both new and previously released information on upcoming Square Enix titles". Catch the stream on YouTube or Twitch.

Here's Squeenix's full schedule.

2pm BST (10pm JT) - Forspoken TGS Special

Square will be talking about their upcoming open-world action game, Forspoken. Yet again, find the stream on YouTube.

2pm BST (10pm JT) - Sega Atlus

Sega and Atlus plan on announcing a new RPG, so keep an eye on their YouTube and Twitch channels.

Here's Sega's full schedule.

Saturday, October 2nd

5am BST (1pm JT) - Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Livestream

The details for this one are simply, "Selling the galaxy's most awesome misfits to the SQEX CEO". Watch it on YouTube.

12pm BST (8pm JT) - Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo have a 2 hour-long stream planned to chat about Nobunaga's Ambition: Shinsei, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, Blue Reflection: Second Light and more. Yet again, you find them on YouTube and Twitch.

1pm BST (9pm JT) - Strange Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Special

Find out more about the upcoming Stranger Of Paradise, which is being made by Nioh studio Team Ninja. Catch the stream on YouTube.

Sunday, October 3rd

5am BST (1pm JT) - Arc System Works

ASW will have the latest info on River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, River City Girls 2, and Guilty Gear Strive on YouTube and Twitch.

6.15am BST (2.15pm JT) - Voice Of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Livestream

If you want to hear more on Yoko Taro's upcoming card-based RPG, catch this stream on YouTube.

10am BST (6pm JT) - Ubisoft

According to the Ubisoft TGS website, here we'll see some Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Siege, Riders Republic and Just Dance 2022. I hope there's live dancing, that's always good fun. Catch it on YouTube and Twitch.

1pm BST (9pm JT) - Genshin Impact Spotlight

No details on what exactly miHoYo will share, but hey, if you like Genshin Impact keep an eye on the Twitch stream.

There's more on TGS's schedule too. Happy watching!

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