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Here's What Transformers Universe Plays Like As A 'MOTA'

MOBAs in disguise

I still don't know what MOTA stands for. I mean, obviously it's a play on MOBA, but is Jagex branding Transformers Universe as a Multiplayer Online Transformer Arena, or is there more to it than that? Is MOTA supposed to sound like "motor" when said aloud? Is it also "atom" spelled backward on purpose? We're still in the dark (of the moon) on so much. But today we're at least getting a look at one sorta important aspect of the MMO-abruptly-turned-battle-arena: how it, you know, plays. Unsurprisingly, you can turn into a car, so it's a MOBA with mobility or something (hah). Also, it looks rather action-y compared to the likes of LoL and DOTA, something that stands to set it apart at least a little. Go below for two new trailers.

So that's Duststorm and Meltdown - one Decepticon, one Autobot. Duststorm is a rangier sniper character while Meltdown is a medic for robots, which is a weird thing to say when you write it out.

On top of the oil-spattered nitty gritty, there's also a commander-based metagame to the whole thing. It goes like this:

"Commanders are responsible for their own squad of Transformers Warriors, from recruitment through to deployment on the field. Each warrior is unique and built for action with an array of weapons and equipment at their disposal. Lead with courage and commitment and these brave soldiers will follow you through the fire."

"Efforts count not only for individual honors but also to the overall standing of your faction - it’s not just about the battle, it’s about the war."

I like the transformation aspects, which should really go without saying in Transformers game, but I'm not sold on the rest. There's plenty of room for clunk in this trunk, and good MOBAs require relentless attention to detail and balancing. Also, it's another MOBA. A licensed one, no less. I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it's got quite an uphill battle ahead of it. Let's hope Jagex is installing four-wheel drive.

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