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Heroes of the Storm gets Overwatchier in v2.0

Genji now, D.Va soon

Overwatch cyberninja Genji has arrived in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm [official site] and the mech-piloting digital sports superstar D.Va is soon to follow. To give them somewhere familiar to scrap, the free-to-play crossover MOBA's update 2.0 has added a map based on Overwatch's Hanamura level. HotS 2.0 also reworks the player progression and loot system, and brings an event with crossover rewards in both HotS and Overwatch (including, oddly, a D.Va cop outfit for Overwatch). Oh, and all players are receiving enough virtuacash to unlock a bundle of twenty characters for free. Those busy Blizzees! Here, watch what Genji is all about:

Like in Overwatch but in HotS, yeah? It's about the same with Hanamura, which has players escort payloads across the map. Huzzah, another game for you to scream "OH MY GOD GET ON THE PAYLOAD" at your teamies!

Annnd here's a cinematic trailer with a peek at D.Va still to come.

Blizzard don't say when D.Va will arrive in HotS. I'd guess early May myself, judging by the crossover event offering cosmetic doodads in Overwatch and HotS for playing HotS with a chum. The first week's rewards focus on Genji, but from May 1st they start introducing D.Va's weird cop outfit and bits related to it. (Why is a teenage digital sporter stomping around, guns blazing, as a cop? F2P game costumes are so weird.)

Update 2.0 hit the US servers yesterday and is out in Europe today. Full patch notes are this-a-way. You might also fancy a peek at this post on the new progression system, which includes new ways to get cosmetic doodads without paying cash money.

Whether you've played or not, Blizzard want to give you enough cash for a big bundle of characters, which sounds like a good way to get into it. Hit the HotS site to download.

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