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Heroes Of The Storm Snubs Shakira With New Hero


Look, Blizzard, you claim you're serious about digital sports yet here you are, missing out on montage opportunities. Yes, sure, tournaments and pageantry and a good game and all that are nice, but mostly you need good frag montage videos. Adding a werewolf character to Heroes of the Storm [official site] should have hundreds of fans making videos set to one of the all-time greats, Shakira's She Wolf [workplace warning: video shows Shakira dancing inside glitterguts], winning billions of views, but- oh, it's a He Wolf. Shakira didn't sing He Wolf, Blizzard. Don't you even know that? But sure, you enjoy Greymane, the Lord of the Worgen. Whatever.

As a Worgen, Greymane can shift between wolf and human form on the battlefield, as certain abilities switch him from one form to to other. He uses a gun as a chap but as a wolf scratches people real bad. You can read up on his abilities on his page and see him in action in the video below, but do note neither mention animal magnetism.

Greymane arrived in... Summoner's Rift? (The Nexus? Forests of Calvadar? Ancientville?) this week. The patch was mostly focused on adding him, but you can check the patch notes for the full scoop.

So, Blizzard, tell us about the frag montages Greymane fans will make. What were you imagining? The Cramps? Ozzy? You need songs that bounce and roll, man. Didn't think it through, did you? Reader dear, do you have any song suggestions to help them out?


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