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Hex: Shards Of Fate Launches Singleplayer PvE Mode

At last!

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be wizards. Don't let them flick wands and summon dybbuks. Make 'em be farmers and blacksmiths and such. A wizard's life is violent, see, and they always end up fighting other wizards - folks they should trust to hold back their matted locks in the privy as they expelliarmus pints of dwarven brandy.

And yet, the youth pine for pointy hats and curly shoes. Mamas, please, at least point them towards Hex: Shards of Fate [official site]. The free-to-play card game has finally added singleplayer PvE so wizards can stop fighting each other and just kill robots.

Hex's singleplayer has been planned since its Kickstarter in 2013, and it finally arrived on Tuesday. As this overview explains, it's a fairly big affair, with plenty of places to explore and dungeons to plunder and PvE-exclusive cards to earn and classes and races to be and... go read that, yeah? Or, here, this PvE video is from a few months ago:

Future plans for Hex include a new set of cards every four months, another Adventure Zone for PvE with mercenaries and upgradeable strongholds and things, and other stuff detailed in this post.

Hex Entertainment's Cory Jones also explains that they've finally removed the game's "beta" tag:

"It may be clear to our hardcore community what the beta tag means, but to the uninitiated it gives the impression that future wipes or major gameplay changes are possible and that's just not the case. We are committed to delivering everything we promised in the Kickstarter. The removal of the beta tag isn't about 'feature complete,' it's really about the perception of the game and our desire to let new players understand this is a great place to jump in and start playing Hex!"

If, bearing in mind the warnings I gave about the life of a wizard, you still long for fancy robes, you can download it over here. Hey, that page definitely still says "beta", you big sillies.

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