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A Kind Of Magic: Hex 'Shattered Destiny' Set Out

More virtual cards to collect

Hearthstone's expansion Goblins vs. Gnomes wasn't the only big release in virtual collectible card games this week, mind. Tuesday brought the second card set for Hex: Shards of Fate, another free-to-play which I hear is awfully popular and quite good. (And Mojang's Scrolls is due to launch today.) Looking at Hex now, I see so much of Magic: The Gathering that I should run screaming before it drags me in. But the 'Shattered Destiny' expansion is out and oh no I think I even know which Magic cards inspired some of these. Help don't let me download this client.

Shattered Destiny adds over 200 virtual cards to Hex, which you'll find neatly organised with pictures in this here cardlist. This lot introduce a few new card abilities, including Lethal (which sounds like Magic's Deathtouch), Skyguard (Magic's Reach), and Tunneling. That last one sounds vaguely like Magic's Morph, if I'm understanding it right, but not quite; Tunneling cards can be played concealed but still have active abilities, e.g. one lets you see your opponent's hand without them knowing.

Developers Hex Entertainment are holding a launch event over the weekend, with special tournaments offering cards with alternate artwork. The full patch notes for Tuesday's update are over here too.

So far I've kept Magic urges off with Duels of the Planeswalkers games, finding their limitations a relief as they stop me from getting too caught up in them. But as more and more modes are stripped out the series, well, I have CCG needs which are being unfulfilled. Hmm!

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