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Face The Sun: Hexarden Announced

Floral puzzler from Race the Sun dev

Those sunlovers at Flippfly are once again turning their faces skywards seeking life and sustenance. While procedural racer Race the Sun was a frantic rush to stay in the loving gaze of our grossly incandescent father, its next game is a bit more downtempo. The developer yesterday announced Hexarden, a garden 'em up which it describes as "a puzzle game about growth and harmony."

Digital gardeners will need to carefully tend their hexes, bringing water to seedlings so they might sprout and prosper, growing into a hextacular garden. The game's due to bloom later this year.

Hexarden's building on a prototype co-founder Aaron San Filippo whipped together in 48 hours for the game jam Ludum Dare 24 back in August 2012. You can still download and play that, if your green thumb is itching on this grey morning.

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