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Hexing: Panzer General Online Open Beta Deployed

Hexy board game seeking CCG for F2P fun

In the vain hope of whipping Team RPS into a lean, mean, organised video game words-writing machine, I have instituted use of collaboration software. We have a nice big virtual pinboard covered in useful notes like "Panzer General Online enters open beta," under which we can write insightful comments such as "Is it any good? Does anyone care? I have no idea." But is it, and do you? I genuinely don't know. Be a pet and sign up then let us know, won't you? (Hot insider gossip: Alec's first post on the board was a picture of the Chuckle Brothers.)

People would surely be interested in a new Panzer General in the style of Strategic Simulations' original turn-based strategy trilogy from the '90s, but that's not what we're looking at here. Blue Byte's Panzer General Online is digital deck-building board game, with two sides warring across an 8x3 hex grid and cards giving special orders and abilities. It's also a free-to-play browser game.

"Gasp shock horror how dare they" and all that, but F2P browser games aren't inherently bad. PGO has a store selling extra cards and the 'supply' energy that lets you play battles. How much fun one can have without paying (or paying too much) will be key. Were Ubisoft sensible it'd give Hearthstone a good hard look.

You, dear reader, can now consider yourself a deputised RPS Game Cadet tasked with the important mission of telling your fellow cadets about Panzer General Online. Right after you've watched the launch trailer:

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