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Hey, Path Of Exile Is Kind of Popular

Patch of Exile (thanks Velko)

I think that's an accurate assessment of the situation. Since going live earlier this year, the free-to-play indie action RPG has gobbled up roughly 4 million registered users. And while accounts don't translate directly to people clicking on things, Grinding Gear Games say that amounts to just over 250,000 daily users. Blimey! I thought it would do well, but that's an incredibly healthy number for them to build on. Shall we all pop some champagne? No? White wine? Still no? Anyone have fizzy water? How about still water? Okay, so put a hole in the cap and squeeze the water in the air in celebration. Sheesh.

While you're mopping the water off your monitor (sorry), you should also know that the game's been rapidly iterated on since launch. Patch 1.02 was only released lat week, bringing new powers, items, microtransaction baubles, and new supporter packs that act a bit like post-release Kickstarter rewards, with a range of cheap-to-expensive rewards.

With that deployed (and hastily withdrawn before being redeployed), notes for 1.03 are already leaking out. The current plan for that is to squeeze it out be December 11th, with a new skill, new uniques, new recipes, and passive skills coming. It's nice to see a team excited about their game.

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Path of Exile

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