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Welcome to the jungle in Hitman 2 trailer

You know where you are? You're in the jungle, baby! You're gonna DIE!

A new trailer for Hitman 2 shows Ian Hitman off on his hols in sweltering Colombia, creeping through the rainforest to murder fellas out S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in the gas masks and ponchos and all. What exactly these tropical cosplayers have done to deserve murder is a mystery we cannot begin to guess at, but the video shows that goodness me the forest really is lush and not just a wee base with trees in the skybox. I look forward to creeping through there, maybe even grabbing a swim. Have a look below.

"Truly a living, breathing jungle environment with threats lurking around every corner," the blurb claims, "Colombia will feature a unique gameplay experience with multiple paths to explore, unparalleled game depth and countless interactive possibilities for players."

Yeah but can I wear a Metal Gear Solid 3-style crocodile head hat to lurk in pools? Can I wear a hollowed-out pig to hang out with swine? Can I befriend a pack of monkeys? I do wonder how they'll make Hitman's style of stealth, which uses a lot of social deception, interesting in such a location. Sure, Ian Hitman has been to the jungle before, but not with such dense foliage that surely must be good for dumping bodies or hiding. Hmm! Mysteries.

The only other location confirmed so far is Miami.

Hitman 2 is coming via Steam on November 13th, priced at £45/€60/$60. Unlike Io Interactive's episodic Hitman in 2016, this will arrive with all its locations at the same time, though they do plan to keep updating it with live events and things. The locations and murders from 2016's Hitman are coming to Hitman 2 remastered too, and they'll be free for folks who own the original game.

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