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Hitman 3 Dubai escalation: The Asmodeus Waltz walkthrough

All the levels in Asmodeus Waltz.

In Hitman 3, you’re able to carry out ‘escalation’ missions to up the challenge and bring about some unique tasks in the maps you know and love. For The Asmodeus Waltz, you have to own Hitman 3’s Deluxe Edition, and by completing it you’ll be able to unlock The Devil’s Own suit. Here’s our guide for the Asmodeus Waltz escalation in Hitman 3’s Dubai.

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Asmodeus Waltz level 1 walkthrough

Thanks to Executioner Gaming’s super handy video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trIssAYIjAg&ab_channel=ExecutionerGaming, we’ve got a route plotted out here that’ll get you all the way through The Asmodeus Waltz with a Silent Assassin rating to boot.

Level 1 of this escalation is pretty simple. All you have to do is kill three targets and get out of there. Here’s a quick rundown of how to do it quickly, but remember there’s mountains of methods if you don’t want help, particularly for this level.

  • Go up the stairs, turn right, and right again through the blue curtains. Go through the room and turn left
  • Climb the vines, subdue the guard, take his clothes and gun, then dump his body off the balcony. That’s kill number one
  • Go through the right hand exit of security room and go straight on, pick up the crowbar, then make a U-turn and head down the corridor
  • Enter the door just before the red box and climb the ladder
  • Turn left and vault up to the next floor
  • Enter the security room on the left, knock out the sleeping guard, hide him, and take his clothes
  • Exit through the other side of the room and turn right towards the maintenance hallway
  • Go up to your target, speaking on the phone, and shove her over the balcony
  • Go back to the entrance of the maintenance corridor, turn left, then turn right before the security room door. Vault onto the scaffolding and descend the ladder
  • Walk straight down the corridor from the direction you’re facing as you descend the ladder, and turn right into the ‘staff only’ room
  • Go down the stairs, enter the laundry room, knock out the guard, and open the door to the toilet
  • Throw the crowbar on the ground so your target comes in. Kill him
  • Now you just have to escape up the stairs and into the elevator shaft on the left

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Asmodeus Waltz level 2 walkthrough

Level 2 of The Asmodeus Waltz was the one I found the toughest. Here’s a route through it if you’re struggling.

Kill Mahmood Salman

  • Go up the stairs, turn right and right again
  • Go through the open curtain before the guarded entrance
  • Head straight on through the curtains on the other side of the room
  • Turn left so you see the vines
  • Climb the vines and run straight ahead
  • Subdue, but don’t kill Mahmood Salman
  • Take his clothes and gun, drag him, and push him off the balcony. This counts as an accident kill

Kill Basant Pai

  • Go forth into the security room and turn right
  • Continue straight on, heading left instead of going through the door
  • Pick up the crowbar on the ground
  • Turn right, enter the ‘staff only’ door, and turn left down the stairs
  • Around the corner after you go down the first flight, you’ll see a fire axe box on the wall. Open it and take the axe
  • Enter the laundry room and knock out the cleaner. Put him in the basket
  • Open the door to the toilet and throw the crowbar on the ground. Besant Pai will hear, and walk into the room
  • Wait for his back to turn and kill him with the fire axe

Kill Oscar Malm

  • Quickly exit the way you came and go back up the stairs - you don’t need the fire axe anymore
  • Head back up the stairs and straight on through the door at the end of the corridor
  • Continue down the right side of the wall, until you reach Oscar Malm
  • Shoot the electrical sockets on the ground in front of the water cooler when his coworker isn’t looking
  • He’ll go over to check it out, and when no one is looking again, shoot the water cooler. This’ll electrocute the poor guy. The aiming is a bit tough because the gun you stole isn’t great, but stay calm and it’s easy enough. Things get harder once you miss a shot or two and spook Oscar

Kill Mariam Amir

  • It’ll say ‘crime noticed’, but the only person who should be noticing is Oscar Malm, who is now dead, so your Silent Assassin status should return
  • Behind the water cooler, you’ll see a propane flask. Pick it up and head back, this time turning left through the door just past the hidey box
  • Throw the propane flask up the ladder on the left after entering the door, and climb up after it
  • Go up the ladder, turn left, and vault up to the floor above
  • Turn left, enter the security room, knock the sleeping guard out, hide him, and dress as him. Make sure you pick up the propane flask again
  • Take the Penthouse Keycard from the desk and exit through the door on the opposite side of the room from where you entered
  • Head right into the maintenance corridor, running so the guard doesn’t spot you
  • Place the propane flask down next to your target, Mariam Amir
  • Hide behind the box, shoot the propane flask (twice if you placed it rather than threw it), killing your target with an explosion, and escape through the server room

Kill Roberto Franculitta

  • Only one target to go. Go out the other side of the server room, through the storage room, and turn right
  • Be careful not to be spotted by the security camera, go past it, and turn left through the penthouse staff entrance, swiping the card you picked up in the security room
  • Go up the stairs and through the next door, turn left and you’ll be in the storage room of Roberto Franculitta’s kitchen
  • Knock out the worker here, take his clothes, his key, hide him in the freezer, and pick up the emetic rat poison just in front of where he was standing
  • Go right up to his kitchen in the next room, and poison his water bottle with the rat poison. This’ll be the bottle on his side of the table. It’s not an illegal action in this outfit, apparently
  • Now it’s just a waiting game. Roberto will take a sip of his drink after scolding the guard, get sick, and go to the toilet in the storage room. Wait for him there and drown him once he starts throwing up

All that’s left now is to leave! Head out of the storage room, through the kitchen, and vault the barrier. Walk across the shallow water to the edge of the building, and skydive to safety.

It’s pretty tough, but there you have it! Now for the final challenge.

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Asmodeus Waltz level 3 walkthrough

For the third and final level of Asmodeus Waltz, you’ll have to kill all the targets using the DAK Gold Covert SMG whilst wearing your super cool The Devil’s Own suit. Here’s how to do it quickly and quietly.

Retrieve the DAK Gold Covert

This one is pretty simple. Turn left as soon as you start the mission, and the silenced SMG will be sitting right there. Pick it up, and quickly conceal it within the briefcase next to it. Grab the briefcase and get to hunting.

Kill Mahmood Salman

  • Take the same route you did last time. Head up the stairs, turn right opposite the garden, and go through the curtained room
  • Put the briefcase down before climbing the vines, get the gun out, and climb
  • Shoot the target in the head - don’t worry about the guy dressed like you talking to him. That’s just a figment of your imagination

Kill Oscar Malm

  • Drop back down to the briefcase and conceal the weapon once again
  • Pick it up, go right through the curtains and right again into the blue-lit room
  • Head straight on through there until you see an elevator shaft on your left. Get the gun back out of the case and climb up the shaft via the pipe
  • The guard won’t necessarily be looking at you, so check your hitman-o-vision to ensure he’s not going to spot you as you climb out of the shaft
  • Go left after climbing out, and vault over the barrier onto the rigging
  • Go straight on and climb down the ladder
  • Wait for Oscar’s coworker to be facing away from you, pick up the propane flask behind the water cooler, and lob it at her head before shooting Oscar in the face
  • Alternatively, if she’s looking at the computer when you arrive, just shoot Oscar and go. Escape to the right of him, up the stairs and down the corridor past the box where bodies can be hidden

Kill Basant Pai

  • Head down the corridor, being careful not to get spotted (since you’re currently trespassing)
  • Enter the ‘staff only’ door on your right
  • Be careful and check from a distance what the guard’s patrol cycle is looking like. If he’s walking towards you, hang back until he leans against the wall facing away
  • When he’s leaning, subdue him from around the corner. Hide the body in the cupboard behind you
  • Pick up his gun and head down the stairs straight ahead. Enter the laundry room, and subdue the guy working there. Hide him in the laundry basket
  • Open the door, grab the iron from the shelf, and chuck it on the ground. Basant Pai will go in looking for it
  • Shoot him in the head, grab the iron again, and exit through the door you came through

Kill Mariam Amir

  • Go back up the stairs, straight through the walkway until you return to the door you came through before, towards the tech area
  • Walk towards where you murdered Oscar Malm, but turn right through the door before getting to the red box
  • Climb the ladder, go through the opening on the left, and vault up to the next floor
  • Go left into the security room, do not knock the guard out, and grab the penthouse keycard from the table
  • Leave through the door you entered, and make a two quick lefts, so you’re running up the corridor parallel to the security room
  • Keep going along here, and knock out the guard at the end of the corridor looking at the coffee machine with your iron
  • Hide him in the maintenance corridor, and pick up the iron and gun he dropped
  • Walk through the maintenance corridor, past your target, and knock out the worker nearby
  • Shoot Mariam Amir, and leave the way you came
  • Kill Roberto Franculitto

    • Our chef friend is last up. After leaving the maintenance corridor, turn right and avoid the security camera. This is essential, otherwise you’ll get caught trespassing and everyone will be after you
    • Open the staff entrance to the penthouse with your keycard and climb the stairs
    • Go into the kitchen storage room and knock out the worker. Hide him in the fridge
    • Open the door to the left of where the worker was standing and throw the iron on the ground. This’ll get Roberto’s attention
    • When he comes in, shoot him


    Now all that’s left is to escape! Go back down the stairs. Turn right avoiding the security camera again, and look at the guard outside the security room. Shoot a bullet to his right so he looks that way, and sprint past. Go all the way down the corridor, and escape through the elevator shaft.

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    Asmodeus Waltz escalation rewards

    Here’s all the rewards you’ll earn for completing The Asmodeus Waltz:

    • Golden Briefcase
    • DAK Gold Covert (silenced SMG)
    • The Devil’s Own (themed suit)

    Congrats! You’ve gone all the way through The Asmodeus Waltz. Enjoy your rewards, and check out more of our Hitman 3 guides if they tickle your fancy. We have pages on all sorts, from all the keypad codes in Hitman 3 to a guide to getting all the Dartmoor Thornbridge Mansion keys.

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