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Hitman 3 Dubai: how to do the exploding golf ball challenge

Hitman 3 is the best game, exhibit one: Explosive golf balls.

In Hitman 3, there are a fair number of wacky and wild ways to whack someone. From chandeliers to wet floor signs, you’ll be taking out your foes with some seriously weird kit. One of the strangest is doable in Dubai, where you’re able to get a kill with an exploding golf ball. Here’s how.

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Dubai Angry Birdy exploding golf ball challenge

If you’ve played the Dubai mission at least once, you’ve probably heard the exploding golf ball mentioned by the maintenance worker. As it turns out though, you can harness it to your advantage and blow up, and in doing so you’ll achieve the Angry Birdy challenge. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Get to the maintenance corridor

If you start in a decent spot, this won’t be too difficult as you’ll have access to outfits off the bat. It’s still doable if you begin in the main entrance though.

  • Go up the stairs and left to the passcode-locked door
  • Input the keypad code: 4706
  • Enter the staff area. You can run on through if you fancy risking it, or you can turn on the vacuum cleaner to knock out the staff members
  • Go through the corridor, into the door on the left, and open the window with your camera
  • Shimmy up to the top floor, and enter the storage room on the left. Knock out the maintenance guy, take his clothes, and you can enter the maintenance corridor through the server room

Get the explosive golf ball

Now, the worker should be talking on the phone about her explosive golf ball. But where on earth to find it? Well, the worker says she’s ‘locked the golf ball up in the maintenance scrub’, so I guess you’ll have to go there. You can knock her out for a Janitorial Key, and you might want to take out the fella further down the corridor in case he sees. Hide them in the cupboard.

Continue through the corridor, and open the door at the end with the key. Check out the screenshot below of where you should be. Enter the room, and behind a red box in the back-left, you should find the explosive golf ball.

Hitman 3's Dubai map showing the location of the exploding golf ball in the top-left.

How to use the explosive golf ball to kill Ingram

Right, so you have the explosive golf ball. What now? Well, you can just lob it at someone, but this will not count as the Angry Birdy challenge, so here’s how to make Ingram strike it himself.

First, you’ll need to get up to the penthouse.

  • You’ll need a new outfit, and there are loads of ways to get one
  • I went to the maintenance room in the penthouse’s reception and turned on the vacuum cleaner
  • Knock out the Penthouse Staff member who turns up to investigate, hide the body, and rock on up the stairs

Before you enter the penthouse, hang a right towards the little golf setup Ingram has going on there and plant the explosive golf ball there.

Now you need to enter and wait for Ingram to try and get some work done. Head upstairs to level 5. Apparently, Ingram gave specific instructions of ‘no noise of any kind’, so maybe you can take advantage of this. Wait for him to be working in the Master Suite, so when he tries to do this, switch on the vacuum cleaner outside. Also, when he’s busy on level 4, turn on the radio on the table, unseen. Do this a few times and he’ll start getting angry.

Annoy him enough and he’ll move to the other location, and then start making a racket again. This’ll irritate Mr. Ingram so much he’ll go play some golf to blow off some steam. Well, something’s getting blown (it’s Ingram, he’s getting exploded by your explosive golf ball). Your reward is 4000XP for the Dubai level, and the satisfaction of Ingram flying off the building thanks to his sweet drive. Are you even allowed to hit golf balls off of the tallest building in the world? That seems like you could hurt someone.

That’s all you need to know to blow up Ingram with an explosive golf ball in Hitman 3! For a bit more info on specific challenges, why not check out our Another Death In The Family walkthrough as well as how to complete Domestic Disturbance in Hitman 3’s Mendoza.

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