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Hitman 3 Dubai walkthrough: all mission stories in How the Mighty Fall

All the Dubai missions for Hitman 3.

The first mission in Hitman 3 - Dubai - has three ‘Mission Stories’ available to you. Some bits and pieces are less self-explanatory than we might like though, so we’ve put together a nice, easy, step-by-step guide on how to complete them. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to complete all mission stories in Hitman 3’s Dubai level.

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How The Mighty Fall

47 stands in the server room in How The Mighty Fall.

Here's a nice easy walkthrough on completing How The Mighty Fall in Hitman 3 - an absolute banger of a mission that has you trapping your targets alone and helpless:

  • After you enter the building and put on your suit, go up the stairs and continue to the left of the speech where everyone’s gathered. Go to the terminal and activate it, pressing the ‘floor plan’ button to get access to the map. From there, Grey will tell you he wants to get revenge on the targets, so head down the stairs to the staff area to get started on this.
  • There’s a keypad lock on the staff area doors, but Grey will give you the code: 4706. Because in Hitman, everyone writes their passwords on giant whiteboards.
  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner and wait in the cupboard for a staff member to turn it off, knock him out and take his clothes. You can silently knock them out with the hammer by the vacuum. If a female member of staff shows up, just turn the hoover on again so you can find clothes that fit 47’s bizarre frame.
  • Once disguised as event staff, head down the corridor and hang a left, avoiding the more attentive staff member (denoted by a white dot above his head) and moving as he looks away.
  • Open the windows with the camera, being careful not to attract the guard’s attention. The lady he’s talking to will leave, allowing you to bash him over the head and climb out the window.
  • After clambering through the window, head left (from the perspective of facing outside of the building). Climb along the wall this way. Don’t worry, 47’s got some strong hands on him. Grey will tell you about a lounge that can be sealed, letting you kill the targets undisturbed.
  • Scan the window with your camera and climb in. Remember, you’re trespassing here again so don’t get seen.
  • You’ll need a new outfit. Sneak past the security camera by the toilet and turn left into the storage room. There’s a maintenance worker in here. Knock him out and take his outfit. Dump the body in the convenient cupboard.
  • Through the next door you’ll find the server room. Activate the terminal.
  • Pull one of the server racks. It’ll trigger a lockdown, so just hide behind some tech until the guards get bored and leave. They won’t check the entire room.
  • Exit the server room and bash the fella on the balcony over the head. Conveniently, he stands around next to a body-sized cupboard. He’ll drop a keycard, so take it.
  • Back to the server room, scan the keycard and then pull the terminal with the yellow text above it. For more info on this, check out our page on how to acquire admin privileges in Hitman 3's server room.
  • Access the terminal, click all the options. The bottom-right one doesn’t do anything but drop gold bars on the floor of the foyer, but the others turn off the cameras and open up escape routes, as well as rearrange meetings so you can kill your targets.
  • Now, you’ll want to get a penthouse guard disguise. Thankfully, there’s one alone outside the storage room, so bash him, hide the body with the maintenance worker, and take the outfit.
  • Now, head towards the penthouse reception room and up the stairs. Your targets are almost exactly where you want them.
  • The lounge is straight ahead as you enter this way. One guard will recognise you, so avoid his gaze and wait for the room to be cleared. Once this has been done, activate the lockdown feature and watch the chaos ensue. Kill them at your leisure (but it’d be polite to let Grey finish monologuing). You can even hide the bodies.
  • Escape through the open elevator shaft after going down the stairs in the study.

Bird Of Prey

47 prepares to kill Ingram during the Bird Of Prey Dubai mission.

You can enter the mission from the Atrium Lobby after completing it once, which can make things a lot easier. From here, we’ll guide you through exactly how to complete the Bird Of Prey mission in Hitman 3:

  • Climb the stairs and turn right in the atrium. A man in glasses and a woman in yellow will be talking. Listen to them.
  • Turns out this guy is Zana Kazem, a terrorist for Crystal Dawn. How exciting.
  • Knock him out and take his clothes. You can do this after he leaves the conversation. Hide in the bush, he’ll sit down, turn on the sound system, and choke him out as he checks the distraction. You can also grab his vial of lethal poison.
  • You’ll have to get frisked, so drop your gun and any other illegal items in the bush too.
  • Talk to the assistant, and follow her up to the conference room. 47 will say something ominous like ‘arrogance can be a dangerous trait’, because he’s the most obvious murderer ever. What a guy.
  • Sit in the meeting room chair and wait for Ingram. He shouldn’t be long. Listen to his problems and take the journalist’s info.
  • You’ll need to pacify (or murder) the journalist and take a photo to prove your worth to Ingram. Go down the stairs the way you came.
  • He’ll be in the atrium, asking some real intrusive questions. Go up to him and ‘escort’ him. You can then take him to the same bushes where you knocked out Kazem, and bash him over the head. If you press ‘stop escorting’ it’ll be easier to do this unnoticed.
  • Get your camera out and take a photo - it doesn’t have to be great quality so don’t worry about that. Just make sure the incapacitated body is hidden.
  • Back up the stairs, and show the photo to the assistant. She’ll be behind the desk upstairs.
  • Follow her to the penthouse and talk to Ingram.
  • Ingram will clear the room to talk to you privately. How convenient! His bodyguard will be there too, but catch him from behind and you’ll be free to murder Ingram to death. This is made easier if you pop into the next room and poison his drink before he goes in there and starts monologuing.


47 disguises himself as a bodyguard during the (In)Security Dubai misssion.

This mission has you take the role of a new personal security guard as you attempt to kill Marcus Stuyvesant. Here’s a handy step-by-step:

  • Head left from entering the atrium and go up the stairs through the Black Gold Bar.
  • Sneak into the security area and listen to the conversation in the security room.
  • Sounds like Stuyvesant is expecting a new bodyguard, so you might want to dress the part.
  • Find a way to get a security guard outfit to make this mission easier. I turned off the fusebox in the next room and choked out the guard as he fixed it. Put him in the cupboard and take his clothes.
  • Next, you need to infiltrate the staff area. Head downstairs from the room where you eavesdropped.
  • Go to the kitchen, and from there enter the changing room.
  • There’s a piece of paper there you’ll need to grab when no one’s looking.
  • There are two people in this room, so be careful. They’ll finish their conversation and the naked man will turn away. Now’s your chance to take his papers.
  • Make sure you have a security guard uniform and head back upstairs to the security office. You shouldn’t be noticeable on this route.
  • Now, wait for Marcus in the security office. When he turns up, give him your papers and walk with him.
  • He has you throw knives at swinging targets on the balcony, which is a very weird thing to do. Still, just let 47 target them with his super Hitman skills and you’ll be all good. There are 4 targets, so just make sure you’re locked on to all of them.
  • You’re not Marcus’ personal security guard. Maybe use one of the knives he gave you to chuck at his face, or toss the fella off the balcony once he dismisses the other guard and conveniently stands on the edge of the world’s tallest building. Either way, you’re golden.
  • If you’re finished in Dubai, there’s an exit on that very balcony, so you can get out of there immediately by parachuting off the edge.

That’s all for the Hitman 3 Dubai guide! We’ll keep updating this page with all the Dubai info you could ever need, as well as more Hitman 3 tips when we have them.

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