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Hitman 3 Mendoza Domestic Disturbance: How to eliminate Don Yates by mariticide

How to cause a domestic disturbance.

In Hitman 3’s Mendoza, one of your targets is Don Archibald Yates. Among the many, many ways to kill him, you can find evidence that he’s about to betray his own wife. This can lead to an accidental death, so here’s all the steps you need to eliminate Don Yates by mariticide in the Domestic Disturbance challenge.

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Mendoza Domestic Disturbance mariticide challenge

It’s tough to pull off the first time around, but if you want to eliminate Don Yates without anyone suspecting you, a great way is to get someone else to do the dirty work for you! In Domestic Disturbance, Yates’ own wife kills him. Here’s how.

Go to Don Yates’ house

This is an easy step if you start at the shrine, but gets a whole lot tougher when you’re entering from a different location. Get yourself into the gardens and find an outfit that lets you into the villa. An easy one to get from the car park entry point is to go backwards from your starting point and climb the barriers, hug the concrete wall, then run across and jump through the window. Then, just turn on the fusebox in the next room, knock out the gaucho who tries to turn it off, grab his clothes, then leave the way you came.

Walk up the pathway towards the villa, then take a left towards the ‘higher gardens’. Shimmy along the side wall, and then find another iron bar you can climb across. Now you’ll be at the shrine, so you can easily knock out one of the lone mercenaries and take his outfit. Pick up the crowbar on the ground here too, if you have no lockpicks.

Get to the villa basement

Now you’re on villa property, head down towards the villa’s basement. If you’ve unlocked the shortcut, just take that and get downstairs, going behind the barrels to avoid the enforcers in front of the safe. If not, don’t fret. Bust open the door on the side of the house closest to where you climbed up from the shrine and you should end up in the villa’s guest room. Wander through here, into the main doorway, and turn right to go down the stairs - make sure no one sees you unlocking the door. You could always grab the villa master key from upstairs on Don Yates’ desk if you need it as well.

Once you’re down here, you want to get behind the two enforcers without getting spotted, so loop around the room and get to the safe behind them.

Open the safe

The safe behind the guards contains some incriminating info on Yates’ future plans. The code is 2006, check out our page with all the Hitman 3 keypad codes to learn a bit more about why.

Grab the report on the data leak, and check your intel. Sounds like Yates is about to ruin his wife Valentina’s career. Far from husband material. Maybe she’d like to know about this.

Talk to Yates’ wife

Find Yates’ wife downstairs and give her the file. Your work here is now done, but if you want to see how things play out, head upstairs to Yates’ room dressed as a guard. The quarrel might get a bit nasty.

That’s all for our Mendoza domestic disturbance guide! No worries though, we’re here to help you complete even more challenges, including our Another Death In The Family walkthrough as well as Dartmoor’s Voyeurism challenge.

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