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Hitman gets spooky Halloween murders for new free trial

As if a genetically-modified serial killer wasn't scary enough already

As Halloween horrors go, a genetically-engineered megamurderer who knows dozens of ways to kill and will wear your clothes to replace you in your everyday life already seems pretty spooky to me. He's a dark one, that Ian Hitman. But to celebrate the season of Goth Christmas, IO Interactive are making him even spookier with new themed contracts for H1tman and treat-not-tricking everyone by making the full Colorado episode a free trial for the next fortnight. This isn't for keepsies, unlike IO did with some earlier episodes, but it is an opportunity to get spooky for free.

IO Interactive say the ten Featured Contracts they've whipped up for Halloween "are spooky, creepy or otherwise frightening." They add, "We created some that are focused on disguises, others tell spooky stories through the briefing and others are plain mayhem." As if Ian wasn't already creepy enough for sourcing his Halloween costumes from the bodies of people he's choked or stabbed.

I've had a flick through the new Contracts and they're not mega-complex but they will encourage Ian Hitman to dress as a scarecrow, murder people with an old axe, and generally be a bit more of a Halloween slasher.

The regular full Colorado mission is in the Halloween Pack too, to be clear, along with its Escalation Contracts and Featured Contracts and whatnot. The Halloweenie contracts are relatively minor so the news here is mostly the trial for folks who don't already have H1tman, but you know me: I'm all about the spookings.

You can nab the Hitman Halloween Pack through Steam then play it until November 2nd, after which you'll need to buy it to continue.

If you want it for keepsies, progress will carry over to the full game and a Steam code for H1tman is available real cheap right now as part of the new $12 Humble Monthly Bundle. It and the rest of the Hitmen are also 75% off in in a Steam sale right now.

Hi2man is due on November 13th, arriving in one lump rather than episodically, followed by a programme of live content including the opportunity to murder Sean Bean.

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