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Hollenshead: Cancelled Id Game, Rage Demo?

Id's bossman Todd Hollenshead (pictured above, thinking about stuff) has conducted a huge interview with internet newshounds VG247. In it they cover a bunch of stuff about Id, Rage, and the Bethesda deal. They also mention that there's likely to be a demo for Rage, but no multiplayer beta. The most interesting points elucidate about about Rage, explaining how it's an action game (and a "directed" open world) with some extra bits added on. Hollenshead also explains that the previous Id project - named "Darkness" - was cancelled due to changes in the tech. "We really didn’t expect the ability to have the massive texturing and the outdoor environments," says Hollenshead, "the game wasn’t designed or conceived to take advantage of that. So we were like, 'Not taking advantage of this technology would be a shame.'” All of which sounds like the megatexture stuff that Carmack came up with for the Quake Wars guys has ended up allowing Id themselves to move away from the corridor-shooter. What is that going to mean for Doom 4? Well, that's left answered. Lots me through the link, anyway, so go read.

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