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Hollow Knight's free Gods & Glory DLC launches August

Patch notes: Added more bugs.

Excellent soulsyvania platformer Hollow Knight is just about ready to emerge from its chrysalis and spread its wings, reformed and fat with free DLC. The last of its Kickstarter stretch-goal expansions - Gods & Glory - is rolling out next month, and is set to conclude the story of The Knight. It'll be launching on August 23rd. Below, a very boss-heavy announcement trailer.

Judging by the trailer, Gods & Glory looks like endgame material to me. There's familiar faces among the fights shown, including the artistic Nailmaster Sheo who appears to have come out of retirement to teach you a very messy final lesson. I'm interested in seeing if these new boss fights are purely tangential adventures, or whether they'll lead to a possible new ending. Either way, I'm excited.

Team Cherry say that Gods & Glory will be the largest of all the free DLCs. A multitude of new bosses are included, more NPCs to chat with (and fill your now-bustling town with), more quests to complete and more added to its consistently excellent soundtrack. Once this expansion is out, Hollow Knight will undoubtedly be one of the biggest metroidvanias out there, and there's still more to come.

Team Cherry have long been teasing that recurring frenemy Hornet will be made playable at some point, and offer a far more agile, aggressive fighting style than the Knight. While details are scarce, her adventure seems likely to be a paid expansion and one I'll gladly put money down for, given how much I've seen the game expanded and refined since launch. While there's still more stories to be told down in Hallownest, August 23rd seems like a good time to start.

Hollow Knight is available via GOGSteam and Humble for around £11/15€/$15.

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