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Hollowpoint Troubled As Paradox And Ruffian Part Ways

Miiight still come out

Last June, Adam took a small look at Hollowpoint [official site], a co-op 2.5D shooter published by Paradox Interactive and made by the former Realtime Worlds folks at Ruffian Games. And... that was about the last we saw of it. That might've been the last we'll ever see of Hollowpoint, as Paradox and Ruffian have "amicably terminated" their "working relationship" due to creative differences. Hollowpoint is not formally dead, but its future is certainly uncertain.

Hollowpoint, to recap, was a side-scrolling shooter set in one of them there dystopian futures. As a murdersquad of up to four players (or solo, I guess, whatever), players would blast through hordes of men and upgrade themselves with new skills and equipment across their adventures. Look at screenshots and videos, oof, it's a grim murky-looking thing, but I do like the little Shadow Complex-style trick of having enemies appear in the background, shooting down 'into' the scene.

"Today we would like to announce that the working relationship between Paradox Interactive and Ruffian Games on 'Hollowpoint' has been amicably terminated," Paradox told GameWatcher in a statement. Paradox continued:

"After recent ongoing discussions between the two companies, it became apparent to both parties that the creative vision for the project was diverging and so the decision was ultimately taken to cease our co-operation in order to serve the long-term interests of the game.

"We would like to thank Ruffian Games for all their hard work and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Paradox will be re-evaluating the creative direction of 'Hollowpoint' internally before making any final decisions."

That "amicably" is a bit... I can't say I'd imagine situations like this ever being amicable. 'Terminated in a professional manner', maybe? I'd definitely be muttering a torrent of cusses, but probably under my breath until I thought they were out of earshot.

"I'm sorry, pardon?" Paradox would ask as I walked away.

They heard me. It's fine. I'm great at lying. I can come up with something great on the spot. This'll be fine. I've got this.

"Oh, I was running through birthday present ideas for my friend Mister Falcon. I'm thinking a ship, a shirt, some ducks, the new Absolute Stunting Stunts DVD, or maybe that classic album Funk Funk Mustardfunker Duck Hunt Melon Farmers Hunting Funking FUNK FUNK OH FUNK ME FUNKING HUNTS."

Nailed it.

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