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Homeworld 3 understands space battles are coolest around megastructures

Watch the new Gamescom trailer

Nebulae are nice and black holes are dramatic, but I firmly believe that space battles are at their very coolest when whizzing around supersized ships and megastructures. I am therefore delighted by the new Homeworld 3 trailer showing a battle around sprawling technoruins in the long-awaited spaceship strategy sequel. And yes, absolutely it still has those cool Tron engine trails.

That's nice, that. I do like spaceterrain, spicing up battles with properties like providing cover or masking sensor signals. Plus, it's cooler than battles in deep void. I've been playing Chorus lately and am very much enjoying weaving around buildings and diving through enemy carriers.

"Our team has been hard at work creating the Homeworld experience we've always dreamed of and we hope after watching this trailer, fans will believe we are making THEIR game," said Blackbird Interactive CEO Rob Cunningham in today's announcement. "Homeworld 3 will deliver deeper strategy and decision making with easier controls. Players will explore ancient megalithic structures and experience space at an extraordinary level of detail while following an epic narrative fit for the biggest sci-fi fans. We have a lot more to showcase along with some fun surprises as we head into launch in 2023."

Homeworld 3 is due to launch in 2023 by the end of June on Steam and the Epic Games Store, having recently been delayed. Considering Homeworld 2 came out 19 years ago, yeah, a few months longer is nothing.

The makers, Blackbird Interactive (founded by folks who worked on the original Homeworlds at Relic) announced earlier this year that they were joining the ranks of studios switching to a four-day working week. Good on 'em.

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