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A Beautiful Relic: 37 Mins of Homeworld Remastered

Star phwoars

It's only three weeks until we can get lost in space again ourselves, but in the meantime your eyeballs will thank for pointing them at this big chunk of 1080p footage from Gearbox's upcoming remastering of cult classic spaceship RTS Homeworld. Whereas other recent remasterings - Grim Fandango and Indigo Prophecy - focused on making the game less archaic, this looks like it's really going for it. For instance, where once the mothership's textures took up a lowly 100k, now they're a meaty 10Mb.

Can't speak yet for how the game feels, but the results of all this fiddling are spectacularly pretty. Take a look.

This is a 1080p feed of the stage demo Gearbox gave at the recent PAX South, for context:

I haven't actually played Homeworld since the original release, so as fond of it as I am I'm not amongst its most fervent fans, but even this is the kind of thing that makes a man dream of a 4K monitor and enough graphics cards to defrost Greenland. Dear Jeebus, please make me rich in order that I might behold the prettiest spaceships possible.

The Homeworld Remastered Collection's out on February 25th. All being well, we'll have some stuff and things about it here before then.

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