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Honey, I Joined A Cult is the Prison Architect of the soul

A higher culling

Look, y'all know me. I'm your friend Brock. I love anything having to do with a cult. Hell, I went out and found my own, once. And this week, I talked about cults and games YET AGAIN. So, I was a little surprised when an indie cult game snuck under my radar. It is named, pleasantly, Honey, I Joined A Cult. The game looks to be Prison Architect but for building and controlling a gaggle of beautiful dummies that want to worship whatever type of dumb God you want to make up. There's also a bounty of funky 70s jams to keep the mood light as you fleece your flock.

The game seems cleverly designed, allowing you to set the focus of your followers obsessions, including sacred objects they worship at and the kind of outfits they'll wear. But there's also the technical side of cult management, including making sure your people have adequate propaganda to read in the library, places to sleep so they can never leave, and of course interrogation rooms with polygraph machines -- you know, to find the unbelievers.

You can only check out the trailer on the game's Steam page right now, which is an excellent way to make you go there right now.

There's also currently a different pretty great game about cults out. We liked Cultist Simulator around these parts.

Pretty good singing/recording quality here for being in the bath:

I want a squid cult. Gimmie a squid cult. I deserve a squid cult.

You can follow the game on Steam. There's a release date of "2018" so I assume that means tomorrow. Let me play it now. **whispers: it looks a lot better than far cry 5**

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