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Honour The Call of Battlefield 4

That is a picture of my face at the precise moment I first read that there was probably going to be a sequel to a first-person shooter that sold millions of copies.

Truly, what a world of wonders and surprise we live in. The 'news' was outed by EA themselves, when Origin briefly offered 'Battlefield 4 beta access' to folk who pre-ordered the upcoming Medal of Honor: Worf Fighter.

The message (seen by DigitalSpy) has since been withdrawn, and presumably a very frightened man is crawling on his hands and knees towards the EA boardroom even as we speak, leaving us to wonder whether it meant exactly what it said or was placeholder text that might refer to a different Battlefield - for instance, Bad Company 3.

To speak of BF4 so soon is slightly odd given BF3 seems like it's still got some DLC legs in it yet what with Premium. Then again, Battlefield probably the biggest gun in EA's unnecessary war against Call of Duty- so it wouldn't be terribly surprising if they were intending to franchise it up the wazoo. More so than they already do, I mean.

Which brings me back to my original point: financially successful game in sequel shocker.

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