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Hooray For Piracy: Free'n'Cheap Monkey Isles

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day on Saturday. If memes ad nauseum wind you up, that may be a good day to take a break from the internet. Unless, however, you're really into free and cheap point'n'click adventure games. Oh, you're listening now, aren't you? Me hearty.

Specifically, Telltale and LucasArts have realised it's a useful bit of promotional piggybacking for their relaunch of the Monkey Island series. Telltale have cannily bought playlikeapirate.com, whose initial purpose will be to serve up free copies of the first episode of Tales Of Monkey Island. Hold your seahorses, though - that particular offer isn't active until Midnight (that's GMT - it's 4pm PST) on the 19th of September. But once that happens, hurry those damned seahorses, cos they start charging for it again the next day.

Telltale's Monkey Island episodes have proven somewhat divisive, but enough people seem well-pleased to make this worth shouting about. It's also quite the turn around from Telltale's troubling initial ploy to only sell the episodes as a pre-order for the entire season, rather than individually. Come Saturday, you can make a pretty good call as to whether doing that's worthwhile.

While you wait, there are two things you can do. Well, three, but you know we can't talk about That Thing You're Into in public. First, go gander at a lunatic What If? video made by Telltale fans, going into what might happen in the upcoming third Monkey-tale, Lair Of The Leviathan. I like it much more than the episodes themselves BECAUSE I AM HORRIBLE AND MADE OF HATE.

Secondly, you could buy the recent Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition remake thinger for half-price on Steam - that's £3.49, but only until 21st September. And if you own one of the Eye-Telephone Or Touch-My-Eye's-Pod devices, you can also get the handheld version of the remake for similarly halved-price. That's £2.39, or whatever the equivalent is in your ridiculous foreign currency.

So yeah. Pirates'n'that. Have fun, landlubbers.

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