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Hordey Hi: Zomboid's "Last Stand" Mode

Everything has a horde mode. Just the other day I accidentally set my microwave to horde mode, and when I returned from a pre-dinner poo I was overwhelmed by burritos. They were deliciously angry. I tried to phone the police for help, but in the stramash I accidentally switched my phone to horde mode as well. There were burritos and phones everywhere. I've sealed the kitchen up, but the intoxicating aroma of pico de gallo wafting through my house is driving me mad, and when someone texts me all the phones go off. In other news, did you know that isometric zombie survival game Project Zomboid has just updated with a "Last Stand" mode? It puts you in a house in the woods against all the zombies. Like I said: everything has a horde mode.

It's the quick-play option: you don't create a character or worry about stats. You just grab what you can and fend off the undead. I would be playing it, but I'm very bad at Zomboid, and need them to re-implement the tutorial before I can return to it. If you're comfortable with the game, why not play it with a friend?

That's right: the previous update, that we managed to miss but I think is also worth pointing out, enabled two players to partake of the slow-moving grim survival game in split-screen. Newly-added joypad mapping will enable the players to both use pads, or you can have one with a pad and the other on the keyboard and mouse.

UPDATE: Will "Project Zomboid Writer Man" Porter has just reminded me of a zoomable map of the game world that a community member is putting together. All that for a £5?

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