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Eater Of Worlds: Hot Diggity Is Tense As Hell

Flee from a cosmic horror

Nothing spells existential dread like a game where a monster is devouring your planet and the only way to escape is to burrow endlessly into the center of the earth with a drill. Meet Hot Diggity! Ah it's good fun.

The aim of the game is to assemble a nice upgradeable digging machine and tunnel as fast as humanly possible, drilling and lasering into ore fields and magma rocks. Creator Malcolm Brown explains, "An enormous cosmic horror is devouring the planet and the only safest way is down! Drill and laser your way through ore fields and explosive magma rocks, and upgrade your ship with extra bits as you go!"

The fruit of Ludum Dare labour under the theme "Beneath the Surface", Brown developed this little guy over the course of 48 hours. A few months later, the game has burrowed before our startled - but not displeased - Morlockian eyes.

Check it out - it's free, friends - right here for Windows and Mac. Its Ludum Dare page has a Linux version too.

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