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Space Cannons Ready: House Of The Dying Sun Deets

There is a house in outer space

There is a house in New Orleans


Is that the right words? No, hang on, House of the Dying Sun [official site] is the tactical space combat 'em up that's inspired by TIE Fighter and Freespace and was formerly known as Enemy Starfighter. Silly me. It's en route to Steam Early Access next month and has a stonking new trailer that's packed with missiles and explosions and lightning-fast dogfights and... why not just pop below and see for yourself?

That looks pretty neat! Graham thought so too when he went hands on with an early press build a couple of years back, however combat has changed quite a bit in the interim. Most notably, scenarios are no longer procedurally generated.

Developer Mike Tipul explains that the game is "HIGHLY dependent on positioning and timing to make it sing", so he's filled it with "highly crafted, lightning fast fights that have designed enemy setups, sight lines, engagement ranges, reinforcements, custom AI behaviors, and more." As such, here's how House of the Dying Sun works today:

"The campaign is a hit-list of 14 custom-built assaults and assassinations with three brutal difficulties and bonus objectives. Each mission requires you to jump in, complete your objectives, and get out before you are intercepted by a massive traitor flagship.

"Completing missions and bonus objectives allows you to upgrade your fleet in many different ways including unlocking new weapons or modifications. These in turn will help you tackle harder encounters in ways more suited to your play style."

House of the Rising, rather, Dying Sun will support both traditional monitors and VR (compatible with both the Rift and the Vive) when it lands on Steam Early Access next month.

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