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How do I get a custom avatar?

Through clever trickery, the site’s set up to auto-generate a cute ickle monster icon based on your email address (that address remains hidden to all other readers, btw), but if you wish to set up an avatar of your own choice, it’s very simple.

First though: no rude pics. Yes, us men of RPS are a rude bunch of fuckers, but naughty pictures are a different matter.

To set up a socially-acceptable avatar, head to and sign up. You’ll need to create an account using the email address you enter when you leave a comment here, but it’s very quick and non-intrusive. The email address must be all-lowercase.You can then upload an image. Images should be 50×50 max, and safe for innocent eyes – you’ll be asked to age-rate it when you upload, and when you do select ‘G.’ If you select a picture of someone’s distended rectum and still label it G, we’ll just delete your comments and ban you. We may do the same to anyone using a Final Fantasy VII avatar.