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How Does It Feel: Wolfenstein: The New Order Delayed

It was confirmed yesterday that (so far devoid of wolves and alternative rock) metal-Nazi-shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order has been delayed from a late 2013 launch date, to a new date in 2014. This is according to an interview with Bethesda Softworks given to Polygon. Perhaps this delay came about because they are spending time putting more wolves and also New Order in it, but one suspects it is because they need time to polish Nazibots, make the stealth work like it should, and stoke the fires of not-a-shit-story at all.

Tell me, how do you feel?

The new Wolfenstein is set in the 60s in a post-World War II society where the Nazis have won, sort of like Robert Harris' Fatherland, but sadly Rutger Hauer is not starring in the game version (as far as we know). Again, you are Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, and you are fighting a monstrous race of Super Soldiers and Nazi bots. (Kieron Gillen's Uber series of comics tackles the issue of Nazi-employed superhumans particularly well, if you're interested in science fiction WW2 things.) The E3 trailer is here, shows scary cackling woman:

Last night RPS's very own Nathan Grayson, who though he is very super as far as we know is not related to Dick Grayson, said that when he had his hands on the new Wolfenstein it seemed a bit of a 'confused mess'. This might give us more hints as to why the game was delayed.

According to Bethesda Softworks VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines though, "the most important thing was definitely just looking where it was at, what they needed to polish. Because it's just not trying to be a shooter, because it's trying to be a shooter that also has driving elements, story elements, narrative, stealth sections — each one of those has to be excellent". He went on to say, "It can't have the same historical impact of Wolfenstein 3D, but it can be a better game".

I'm guessing this will also mean Wolfenstein: The New Order won't make it to Eurogamer Expo.

How do you feel?

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