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How to find the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Here's how to open the yellow door

On Rebirth Island in Call of Duty: Warzone there’s a bright yellow door that leads to a mysterious bunker, but how do you get in? And what’s the reward? Below I’ve put together a guide which explains how to complete the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Warzone.

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How to find the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Warzone

Rebirth Island’s Easter Egg has been solved by YouTuber Geeky Pastimes and it involves accessing the Yellow Door in the Headquarters Command Centre to unlock a unique Red Room weapon Blueprint.

Below I’ve put together a step by step guide on how to complete this Easter Egg.

Step 1: Find the briefcase

One open briefcase will spawn on Rebirth Island in a random location. Scattered on the floor next the briefcase will be three photos which show different areas of the map.

Thanks to TheGamingRevo3 and dkdynamite1 (via ModernWarzone) we now know where the briefcase may spawn, along with all the numbers locations too. I've linked the images below:

Step 2: Go to each location

Next, you need to go all three locations the briefcase gives you. It must be done during that match, and cannot be split over multiple matches.

At each location you’re on the hunt for a slice of the entry code which will gain you entry to the Yellow Door. The code will be made up of a total of eight digits.

Make sure you pay attention to hyphens, as this will define where each slice of code is positioned.

Take a look at the samples below:

  • 682-
  • -90-
  • -172

The first in the sequence would be 682, the middle number would be 90, and 172 would be at the end of the code. This means the final code would be 682 90 172.

Step 3: Enter the bunker

Now that you’ve pieced together the Access Code, go to the Yellow Door at the Headquarters Command Centre’s first floor. Input the code correctly and you’ll be in!

If you’re still unsure how to complete this easter egg, make sure you have a watch of Geeky Pastimes video guide below:

What rewards do you get?

Inside the bunker you’ll find a bunch of legendary crates, some killstreaks, grenades, and the like.

The main highlight is the Red Room Submachine Gun Blueprint on the table. Make sure you pick it up to claim the Blueprint, then swap back to your original weapon so it goes back on the table for your teammates to grab.

And that wraps up our guide on how to complete the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Call Of Duty: Warzone. If you’re after more Warzone guides, we’ve got plenty of ‘em. Why not start with our best weapons guide?

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