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How to get the Ray Rifle R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon in Firebase Z

All the steps to unleash Zombies' Ray Rifle.

Call of Duty Cold War’s Zombies’ Firebase Z is full of neat surprises and a whole lot of undead. I’ve been loving it so far, but if you want to get the new goodies, you’ll need to put together a few steps. Here’s how to get the R.A.I. K-84 Ray Rifle Wonder Weapon in Firebase Z.

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How to build the Ray Rifle in Firebase Z

In order to build the R.A.I. K-84, you’ll need to go through a few steps and collect the correct components. We haven’t been able to 100% complete the Ray Rifle because at time of writing, the Firebase Z easter egg is not yet active (it’ll be good to go at 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT), but here are all the steps to build the Ray Rifle in Firebase Z:

  1. Go to the Weapons Lab and pick up the Blueprints. Turn on the Firebase Z power and go through the right hand gate from the teleporter. The lab is straight ahead, and the blueprints are on the wall by the far door.
  2. Now you want to head to Scorched Defense. The easiest route here is through the Open Lot (the left side gate from the teleporter), up the stairs to mission control, and out the right side door. Look for the burning tanks, and look at the one on the far right with a corpse leaning against it. Interact with Dimitri Kuhlklay’s corpse to gauge out the poor guy’s eye.
  3. Bring the eye all the way back to the Weapons Lab and interact with the retina scanner. The screen says ‘Prove You Are Me’, and it’ll drop the Locker Key. Pick up the locker key and go to the Barracks.
  4. You’ll want to go around the tall lockers in the two barracks. The intel will be in a different locker each time, so go around and investigate all of them. Then, kill a Mimic and pick up the Barrel Assembly from the ground.
  5. Kill a Mangler when one arrives. This mean fella will drop an Uncharged Power Cell, so keep an eye on the ground and pick it up when you can. If you kill a Mangler and they don’t drop it, keep trying - it might take a few of them to find the one with the goods.
  6. Go back to the Weapons Lab and put the cell on the table just to the right of the Arsenal. This’ll start charging it up, and it takes a couple rounds so wait it out. You’ll be able to pick it back up when it’s done.
  7. That’s almost all the pieces of the Ray Rifle collected. Now, turn on the computer in the weapons lab and memorise the positions on the dartboard where the computer counter stops. For me, the numbers were 16, 13, 16. Shoot those numbers and then the centre of the dartboard for the final piece of the puzzle.
  8. Well done! That’s all of it - now just head over to the Weapons Lab and assemble the weapon under the blueprint. How fun!
  9. How good is the Ray Rifle?

    The Ray Rifle is extremely powerful, especially when it comes to headshot damage against boss zombies, and you can even Pack-A-Punch it to become the Discordian Disruptor, an even more powerful version of the weapon. You can even press the up arrow on the D-pad and launch area-of-effect grenades which take up 10 ammunition each - a brilliant strategy for crowd control.

    Sound like a pain to get? Well, in all honesty, it is. But hey, if you’re feeling lazy you can always try your luck in other ways!

    Use the Mystery Box

    You can try to get lucky with Mystery Box rolls if you want the Discordian Disruptor but don’t want to actually work for it. In order to do this, just find the Mystery Box - it’s clearly visible with a giant column of blue light shooting off into the sky - and pay 950 points to roll for a gun. If you’re lucky, you might get a Wonder Weapon!

    If you or a teammate picks up a Fire Sale, all the Mystery Boxes will spawn in all their potential positions throughout the map as well. It’s well worth rolling whenever that happens, especially considering the Fire Sale discounts Mystery Boxes to be just 10 points.

    Legendary Trial rewards

    In the helipad area of the Firebase (just next to the teleporter), you can undergo trials in exchange for points. These may seem ridiculous, such as ‘stay in a certain area for a long time’ or ‘get headshot kills on zombies’, but their rewards can be fantastic.

    You can even stack reward rarity too. Once you do a trial, your reward tier will be displayed on the left side of your screen. Keep doing trials until this says ‘Legendary’, and claim it from a podium next to the place you start the trials. There’s a chance this reward will be the Ray Rifle.

    You can even make it more likely to occur by owning all Perk-A-Colas, because they’re also in the pool for Legendary trial rewards. Take them off the table and try your luck!

    That’s all for our Zombies guide on how to build the Ray Rifle in Firebase Z! It’s a bit of a hassle, but worth the effort if you want that super-powerful Wonder Weapon. If you’re not feeling Zombies mode, we have plenty of other COD guides for you though - check out our page on the best loadouts in Warzone, as well as all the War Tracks you can play in your Warzone vehicle.

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